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About Us


Stockhealth are farm animal health professionals. Our sole aim is to provide products that not only improve the health of your stock animals but also maintain them at optimum level.

We specialise in equine, cattle, sheep and other farm animals. Stockhealth care for your livestock health needs. Our business provides natural supplements tried and proven by farmers throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and UK.

Our natural supplements have been carefully produced using selected whole ingredients, which retains maximum minerals and vitamins. Our Apple Cider Vinegar is made at an organically certified orchard and made from whole apple, there are many imitation vinegars on the market made from many sources, so be sure you get Stockhealth’s Apple Cider Supplement to ensure quality and reliability.

We make no claims, We just listen to the great feedback from many successful horse breeders, horse trainers and dairy farmers all over the world. Massey University’s Dairy Cattle Research Unit in New Zealand has included our Apple Cider Vinegar in their Organic Conventional Systems Comparison Trial Health & Supplement Program since 2003.

“When I was operating a farm, I wish I had of known about Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s high in vitamins and minerals and provided an inexpensive way of maintaining animal health. Contact us for more information regarding your livestock’s health requirements.”