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Minerals for Dairy Cattle

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MegaTrace Minerals for Dairy Cattle

MegaTrace Dairy is a unique formulation of organically protected high quality sea based minerals in a chelated, bio-available form that is easily assimilated and absorbed by Dairy Cattle.

MegaTrace Dairy is specially formulated to meet the daily requirements of a dairy cow. It contains the essential elements that a grass fed, lactating dairy cow needs to maintain optimum production and good health, whilst helping to maximize feed-conversion and conception ratios.

MegaTrace Dairy is ideal to supplement the animals’ diet daily, at a rate of 10mls per cow per day. Whether combined into hard feed, added to water supply or injected through various dosing systems, MegaTrace dairy has been tried and proven by many farmers in NZ who claim dramatic reductions in veterinary bills and culling, while increasing their milk cheque and ultimately, their bottom line.