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Minerals for Sheep

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MegaTrace Minerals for Sheep

MegaTrace contains the trace minerals that are essential to the wellbeing of your flock. It is formulated from sea-based minerals in a liquid form that is easily assimilated and absorbed by livestock. MegaTrace is a trace mineral supplement specially created for animals to help address mineral deficiencies, and the composition is designed specifically for livestock. There are many farmers that have seen substantial improvements in the general health of their flock since using our Mineral Supplement.

MegaTrace’s adaptability to be used in almost any means of application helps it to be given to animals easily and efficiently, which means that each sheep in your flock will get the necessary dose to ensure health and maximum productivity.

MegaTrace is rich in Copper which is a trace element that is essential for good wool growth. This one trace element could be missing from the daily diet of your flock and the inclusion of MegaTrace may be the solution to improve your wool yield.

What are Chelates and why use them? One of the most versatile and easily utilized form of minerals, Chelates are fast becoming the most popular and effective way of administering minerals to livestock. The way Chelates work to protect nutrients from being lost while allowing maximum absorption make them a truly economical choice.