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Lamb trials done in VIC

stockhealth - lamb trials done in VIC
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The purpose behind our experiment was to see if any of the mineral additives that companies are selling has any impact on sheep weight gains. Our experiment involved constructing a feed lot yard with 4 pens so that the lambs all had access to the same feed supply. This was a grain mix of vetch, lupins, oats, wheat and barley. The additives were added to the water supply. Each yard had its own separate supply of water (1000 liters).

Once the shuttle was emptied only fresh water was added from that point on.

The following results were found

Using 2 litres of Apple cider with garlic per 1000 litres of water an average gain of 15.1 Kg

Using 500ml of Megatrace per 1000 litres an average gain of 13.4 kg

Using fresh water an average gain of 9.74 kg

These measurements were taken when the Dorper lambs first entered the feed lot and again 5 weeks later.

They were given a diet of grain through a self- feeder the same amount of vetch and oaten hay in each pen. The pens also had a similar amount of salt bush growing in them.

Important things to remember are that this was a one off experiment and I would need to do several more tests before I could make a definitive statement about which additive is best, but it is clear that they make a difference.

One thing we did notice was that the lambs in the apple cider ate a lot more hay and finished their shuttle of water very quickly. Lambs in the fresh water hardly touched the salt bush and ate little hay.

This was a trial done by an educational group in Victoria Australia