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“We had trouble with high cell counts, advice from Stockhealth Products incorporating mineral/vitamin program using Megatrace and Double Strength Apple Cider Vinegar , we reduced cell counts to 90,000 within 14 days. 8 cows that hadn’t responded to antibiotics are now back in the herd.” - Dairy Famer Western Victoria


“Mrs R. R. Of Lake Mary , has free range hens laying 365 days of the year and never had to worm them.”

Easy Foal Birthing

“I swear by it! Feeding it to broodmares has been great help. Pat Coleby’s book on horses is good reading”

“Antibiotics and penicillin didn’t seem to work. We tried Stockhealth Double Strength Apple Cider Vinegar with garlic three years ago and have been using it ever since. It is the only product that has consistently helped in lowering our cell count and guess what! There is no with holding period on our milk.” - Quote from another satisfied Dairy Farmer